22 marzo, 2013



Sometimes I wake up and I'm just astounded at how quickly things are unraveling. Just look at a few big picture points: 

* The Russians are now wagging their fingers at Europe,comparing the EU to the Soviet Union for trying to plunder Cypriot bank accounts. This on the heels of a wealthy celebrity 'defecting' from the high-tax West to low-tax Russia. 

* Even the chairman of the Federal Reserve acknowledges that, while the US stock market is at an all-time high, adjusted for inflation it is "some distance from the high..." 

* The price of Bitcoins has soared 500% year to date when denominated in both dollars and euros. Since Cyprus announced its intended bank levy on Saturday, Bitcoins are up nearly 50%. 

* Spanish youths are fleeing the country in droves; here in Chile, the number of immigrants from Spain has jumped 16.4% in the last two years... and in Ecuador, it's a whopping 51.6%. 

* Japan, traditionally an export powerhouse, has posted a trade deficit for eight months in a row... the longest streak in 33 years. 

* After the German government announced its intention to repatriate their gold holdings from the US back to Germany, a Swiss political party is pushing for a vote to do the same. 

* Military detention and citizen assassination are now perfectly legal in the Land of the Free... meanwhile the national debt has just hit $16.74 trillion, 108% of the country's GDP. 

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