22 marzo, 2013

Reid to Include Background Checks in Gun Control Bill

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(Image from the Las Vegas Sun) If Harry Reid is concerned with gun safety, he might learn to keep his finger off the trigger until his sights are on target.

The Hill is reporting that Harry Reid (D-NV) will include a "controversial" expansion of background checks to include private sales in his gun control bill. 
“Later tonight, I will start the process of bringing a bill to reduce gun violence to the Senate floor. This bill will include the provisions on background checks, school safety and gun trafficking reported by the Judiciary Committee,” Reid said.
Chuck Schumer is taking the lead on background checks part of the bill and is shopping around for a republican co-sponsor. Reid said "I want to be clear: In order to be effective, any bill that passes the Senate must include background checks."
The two other main elements of the bill suggest defeat for the Democrats.  The school safety element was actually pushed by the NRA and weapons trafficking is already illegal.  Since Reid decided not to include the assault weapons ban in the bill, background checks are the only part that could be considered "progress" among the gun control community.  It remains to be seen if Schumer can get another sponsor. The bill is expected to head to the full senate in early April.

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