08 mayo, 2013

Mark Sanford Beats Elizabeth Colbert Busch

UPDATE: AP has called the race for Sanford.

With 60% of the vote in, former Governor Mark Sanford is leading Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch by almost 10 points. Sources close to the campaign have told Breitbart News that the AP is close to calling the race for Sanford. Sanford's landslide victory is further evidence that the American public rejects the national Democrat agenda.

In the final days of the campaign, Democrat polling firms and the national media portrayed the race as a "toss-up". In the end, Sanford won a decisive victory, besting Colbert Busch by almost 10 points. Sanford reclaimed campaign momentum by making the race a referendum on Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. His landslide win is a clear sign that this message resonated with voters.
Sanford told Breitbart News that the race was "crystalizing" into a choice of whether the country goes "right" or "left. The voters in SC's 1st District have made a clear choice.
Congratulations to Mark Sanford on his win.

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